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Exhale Spa is all about Lifestyle. Their studio is a one stop destination for health, beauty, fitness and wellness. Exhale offers both Yoga and a variety of Core Fusion classes that range from Core Fusion Sport, Cardio and Bootcamp to fulfill any workout craving. In house Spa services also include massage and facials.

Core Fusion Barre is one of the more challenging barre classes we've taken in New York City. This ballet inspired class is designed to sculpt and tone your body through core-centric workouts focused on isolated exercises, alignment, flexibility and posture. Be ready to burn out each muscle group as you engage your core the entire class. The instructors here are friendly and great at helping you keep proper form and work up a crazy burn and sweat.

One of the best parts of their studio is that they have multiple locations all over Manhattan and outside NYC including Dallas, Atlanta, LA, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Stamford and even Turks and Caicos. Exhale is the place where you can workout and unwind under one roof for total YOU time.