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An excerpt via Lace Up Style:

Caring for your Activewear is a lot like caring for your skin in regards to breathability, eliminating buildup and maintaining surface care. If you put the extra time and care in, you’ll realize the benefits in the long run and your workout clothes will work with you, not against you.

5 steps to washing and keeping your activewear in great shape:

  • Always wash your Activewear in cold water
  • Turn your clothes inside out to keep garments protected from zippers and other trims. This also keeps flatlock seams smooth after multiple washes, keeping your clothes looking like new
  • Always hang dry promptly after each wash
  • If you have bras with hooks, be sure to place these in a separate lingerie bag so your pieces with mesh or lighter fabrics don’t get caught and damaged
  • Do not use any bleach or fabric softeners. This creates a coating on the surface of the fabric that weakens its breathability and wicking functions. 

Contributor: Sena Yang, Asteria Active

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