The main principles of ASTERIA are style, performance and versatility for the modern woman. The collection is comprised of functional and stylish activewear that can be incorporated into everyday life and workouts.

There is a great deal of focus on technical construction details like flatlock seam finishes for non abrasive contact against the skin and sourcing premium fabrics with moisture wicking, fade resistance, antibacterial and UPF 50 sun protection properties. Our garment production and patternmaking knowledge allow our pieces to have excellent fit to define the form and function properly for high performance workouts. The entire collection is produced in New York City by local artisans to deliver expertly constructed garments.

Inspired by high style and the ever present vitality of the human spirit, live the active life you’ve always wanted with ASTERIA. It’s simple, look good – feel good- move forward – and move strong.

Begin your journey now with ASTERIA.